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Shocked lawyer vows to repair police toilets

A city lawyer will use Sh56,000 to repair toilets at Kilimani police cells after a harrowing experience.

Mr Tom Onyango was arrested on Valley Road near Integrity Centre for speaking on the phone while driving.

“A police officer in a motorcycle saw me and he commandeered my car into the station a few minutes past midday,” Mr Onyango said.

“I was told to park my car. I asked to speak to the station boss, but he was not in and so I had wait at the reception desk of the cells,” he added.

Second best

He felt the urge to relieve himself and was directed to the toilets used by suspects.

“As the main door to the cells was opened, a pungent smell of urine assaulted my nostrils stopping me on my tracks. But I was so pressed that I had to go,” he said.

The toilets in Kilimani police station.
The toilets in Kilimani police station.

“What I saw was horrible enough to convince me I hold a little longer to access cleaner toilets,” Mr Onyango said.

When this reporter went to inspect the hygienic condition of the cells considered the second best in Nairobi after Kileleshwa station’s, she was welcomed by the smell of urine that wafted into the tiny office area occupied by the station boss and his deputy.

The first stop in the cells was a cubicle used to detain high profile persons. Its roof and ceiling had holes that usually lets in rain water.

“Rain water mixes with urine and it becomes horrible,” a police officer said.

The remaining cells were used to hold common citizens and opposite them were three toilets whose only source of light was a small ventilation high up near the roof.

The urinals lacked drainage and the floors were full of faeces.

Mr Onyango said the condition was unacceptable. He planned to provide a proper drainage as well as piped water.

To complete the work, he said he would also give the cells a paint job.

“Even if it means reconstructing the toilets, I will do it because the place is too horrible to be used by human beings,” he said.

Kilimani OCPD, Peter Katam welcomed Mr Onyango’s initiative.


“The place is not pleasant and I can attest to that,” he said.

Mr Onyango was later fined Sh5,000 after admitting using his phone while driving.