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Kilimani residents oppose plan to build 35-storey tower in their posh estate

Kilimani residents have voiced initial opposition to the planned construction of Cytonn Investments’ 35-floor triple tower, saying it will disrupt lives and businesses.

Kilimani Project Foundation, which has called a meeting between residents and the project consultants, said the health of children attending an early childhood development centre in the area is at stake since the project is “of such a magnitude” that will involve numerous truck movements and activities within and around the site.


It cited “incompatible land use, traffic, overstretched utilities, health of Cavina children during construction, privacy of children and neighbours during and after construction, storm water drainage, urban greenery and security are at stake”.

The foundation said due to the tower’s height, the natural flow of air will be hampered creating an uncomfortable warm climate (urban heat island effect).

But Cytonn called for restraint saying all issues raised would be addressed by environmental and engineering experts it had hired thereby helping mitigate the concerns raised.


“We note the statement from Cavina entitled “Save Kilimani – Stop Cytonn Towers!” and wish to note that the statement is alarmist and is informed by narrow commercial interests that do not take into consideration the due process that the development is following,” it said in a statement.

The Sh20 billion project is scheduled to take four years to complete before opening its doors to the public by December 2022.

It will host a 180- room hotel, 30 office floors and 160 serviced apartments.

The investment firm added that it was looking forward to creating over 10,000 jobs during construction as well as generate revenue for local businesses in the construction industry, national and county governments.