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Kidis the Jembe quits music after losing millions of shillings in royalties

Coast-based musician Kidis the Jembe has announced that he has quit music for good after failing to make it in the industry in over a decade he had been in the game.

A frustrated Kidis, who burst into limelight with his hit banger Kamua Leo several years back, claims he has lost millions of shillings in the music industry, something that has prompted him to quit.

The singer also claims he lost a whopping Sh6.5 million on the song Mshamba which was used as the signature tune for TV comedy program ‘Mshamba’ which aired on a local TV station.

Kidis says he has never been paid the loyalty for the song and his effort to get his dues have been futile. He also claims Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) owe him Sh7.5 million in loyalties.

“Nimeacha bro, sitaki muziki tena bro. Kila ninacho jaribu naibiwa tu. Mimi unajua sitegemei kiki, mimi na showbiz siko kabisa. Unakumbuka story ya R.K vile tuking’ang’ana na Mshamba kwa kile kipindi tukifanya 2014 imeniweka chini sana. Hicho kipindi vile kiliisha walipotea na 6.5 million man. Story nyingine MCSK walipotea na 7.5 million. Nimezunguka na lawyers, wapi!” Kidis lamented.

Coast-based musician Kidis the Jembe. PHOTO | COURTESY
Coast-based musician Kidis the Jembe. PHOTO | COURTESY

Kidis made the revelations during a phone conversation with Milele FM radio presenter Chris The Baise.

“Sanaa ya Kenya iko na uhuni sana, sasa naibiwa pesa hadi nilishindwa kulipa nyumba shilingi elfu kumi. Niambie vipi Kidis ashindwe kulipa elfu kumi?” he posed.

This is not the first time Kidis has shared his frustrations with the Kenyan music industry. Back in 2014, he became the first artiste to ditch Grandpa Records that was huge back then. He quit after a bitter fallout with the owner of the label Refigah.

Kidis claimed he never met his expectation since joining the label which signed him after he dropped Kamua Leo. However Refigah denied falling out with Kidis, stating that his contract with the now dead label, had come to an end.