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Kiambu man sues his son in multi-million property dispute

A man has sued his son over a multi-million shillings property in Kiambu.

Mr John Karoba Iroha accuses his son, Mr Reuben Wamburu Karoba, of fraud and trickery.

“My son illegally transferred the property to his name after duping me into believing he wanted to secure a loan from a bank,” Mr Iroha swore.

The son on the other hand accuses his father of lying and working in cahoots with his step brothers to disposes him.

He says his father sold him the property for Sh5 million to develop it.

“It is therefore ridiculous, unimaginable and insincere for my father to disown his own actions and words, and to insinuate fraud in a transaction he was aware of and personally participated,” said Mr Karoba.

Court documents show that last year Mr Iroha wanted to dispose off the property to finance his businesses.

Mr Karoba offered to buy and they signed a sale agreement after which he transferred it after payment.

But in August, Mr Karoba’s step-brother, Ronal Mburu, filed a case accusing him of allocating the family property to himself when their father had only instructed him to hold it in trust for other family members.

The father swore an affidavit to support Mr Karoba saying he had sold the property willingly.

Mr Iroha has now recanted the evidence saying he was misled and that he was not in his right senses.

“I had absolutely no knowledge that my son had schemed to con me of my property. He had created a wedge between me and his step-brother and that is why I signed the affidavit to support him,” said Mr Iroha.

Mr Karoba accused his father of lying about his health saying has never suffered mental illness. The case will be heard on January 26 2016.