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Khalwale’s fake account lashes at Boniface Mwangi over #RutoIsClean tweet

A fake Twitter account opened in the name of Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale on Tuesday lashed out at activist Boniface Mwangi for his Anti-Ruto updates stating that he should accord leaders the respect they deserve.

A quick look at the exchange got people thinking that the once BFFs Khalwale and Mwangi are at loggerheads.

But an inquiry by Nairobi News confirmed that he does not own or update the account as he replied, “Kindly note that >> @BoniMtetezii is a fake parody account. I have no idea who it is.”

The user operating the account attacked Mwangi for comments about the deputy president.

The imposter’s tweet read: “@bonifacemwangi @WilliamsRuto Is the current Deputy President. Accord him respect because you don’t know what awaits you in future.”

Mwangi went on to reply to the parody stating that respect is earned. The exchange went on as the user operating the parody account attempted to rubbish the activist.


He later admitted that he was unaware that the account was a parody through a response to the clarification tweet, “I wasn’t aware @BoniMtetezi l was wondering if Ruto had bought you too.”

Mwangi was tweeting about a hashtag #RutoisClean that he said was created to sanitize the Deputy President.

The fake account has a close resemblance to that of Senator Khalwale with the bio a copy paste of the original hence very easy to mistake as the original.

It is the small number of followers on the account and a presence of a ‘double I’ within the handle @BoniMtetezii that makes one question its origin.

Mwangi and Khalwale have been in the past involved in several protests advocating for a corruption free nation.

The notable appearance of the Senator in a protest organised by the activist was during the “#Occupy Harambee Avenue” protest in which Khalwale stayed out in the sun with the protesters for hours chanting.