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Keroche heiress, make-up artists fight over ‘shoddy job’ that almost ruined her birthday

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai and her makeup artists Wamz and Keysha have taken their fight online letting in netizens on what failed to work during her lavish birthday.

Anerlisa said Wamz did a bad job on her face making her look like a clown forcing her to use another artist Keysha.

The three women took their fight to Instagram right after Anerlisa did a post on how she was late for her party because of her make-up artist.

Anerlisa wrote: “Sometimes you call some makeup artist to do your make up but end up making you look like a clown, I had to do it all over again after sitting for over 2 hrs and that made me late… Thank you @miss_keysha_makeup for coming through and redoing my make up again. ??.”


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Wamz, who was originally tasked to work on Anerlisa’s face, responded with damning screenshots and a long explanation as to why things never worked out.

“Anerlisa wanted an Instagram facebeat from a pic she showed me on her phone meaning a super highlighted/contoured look. I asked her if she was sure about it because I’ve never seen her rock that type of look but because it was her birthday, I figured she wanted something different. Halfway through the look, she takes a pic and said she didn’t want a super highlight and we should go for the usual subtle glam. That’s why I had to re-do her look. Mind you, she has a huge birthmark that requires a lot of time and patience to cover up and she knows this. I did my part and as you can see from the pic just before she left for the party, she was happy,” Wamz wrote.

Keysha, who was credited for saving the day by Anerlisa, responded saying:

“Never ever go out saying what your client has or doesn’t have… kama hananga meno but we see in her pics she does… client anishi hao ya matope na IG anakuanga kwa mansions (well and good keep it to goddamn self) clients tend to trust makeup artists so much. If you have an issue with the client… sort it out amongst yourselves… and not displaying on social media.”