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Kenyans weigh in on weirdest rules laid out by their landlords

In Nairobi more than half the population lives in rented apartments, and this often comes with a few rules of discomfort, depending on the relationship one has with their landlord.

Every residential unit comes with a set of guidelines to help tame unruly tenants from damaging the house or causing a disturbance to the other tenants.

But what is that one rule that you were told while moving into a new apartment that was completely horrendous?

This is what one netizen sought to find out after asking the question in a private Facebook group.

“What is the weirdest rule your landlord or landlady has laid down for you?” asked the Facebook user.

Other users shared their personal experiences with landlords in various parts of the city.

Here are some of the sentiments expressed by a variety of users:

“Ati hakuna kuingia past 10 pm yet hio ndio time mii huenda reggae…aliteta akazoea,” wrote one online user.

“No using of pvc carpets u either use fluffy ones coz of tiles,” said another online user.

“I was in this ka single room my baby was just an year, they used to switch off lights at 9pm in the night to 6am in the morning that was the most weirdest thing or inhuman thing ever mark you i was going to work at 5am,” remarked another online user.

“Ati hakuna kutumia jiko kwa nyumba unless uende huko nje kwa compound🙄🙄🙄 and the way i love my githeri haki😢😢😢 hapa mtu hata anaweza kuwekea kitu kwa food since u r cooking outside where everyone is passing,” commented one online user.

“When we were house hunting at Kahawa Wendani, one old landlord told us that we should not have more than one kid if we wanted to be his tenants… Still troubles me 5 years later,” stated another online user.

“Nobody should enter the gate after 8:00pm…they will come in with thieves,” said one online user.

“Do not host any extra people in the house…you will use too much water and fill the loos,” said another online user.

“Usipike pork na usitumie stove,” wrote one online user.