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Kenyans still googling about EPL amid coronavirus crisis

Football was the most searched topic in the month of March, according to the latest trends released by search engine Google.

The Chelsea vs Liverpool and Manchester United vs Manchester City matches dominated search queries.

Coronavirus pandemic came second as Kenyans wanted to know more about the symptoms of the disease and if there is a vaccine available.

Kenyans also searched for information on the disease in Italy, one of the worst-hit nations in Europe.

Country music legend Kenny Rogers, who died at the age of 81, came in third. He died on March 20. He was well-known for musical hits such as The Gambler and Coward of the County.

The fourth most searched query was Aurlus Mabele, a Congolese artist popularly known as the King of Soukous.

He died in Paris after contracting the virus. He was known for up-tempo hits and spectacular dance moves. His popular songs included Extra Ball, Douce Isabella and Choc a Distance.

Project Loon was the fifth popular search, after the Government of Kenya announced the approval of Loon’s partnership with Telkom Kenya to provide 4G internet access to remote areas in Kenya.

The sixth item on the top search list was hantavirus. This is a virus spread mainly by rodents and can cause varied disease syndromes in people. Searches for this virus came up after a man, who tested positive for the virus, died in Yunnan province in China.

Kenya’s recently appointed Cabinet Secretary for Health, Mutahi Kagwe, was seventh on the list of top searches.

He has been providing regular media updates on the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya. British actor Idris Elba was the eighth search query after he posted a video on social media announcing that he had contracted the virus.

Trending in the ninth place was a building-sized asteroid that is approaching Earth in April. According to the data collected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the asteroid is big enough and is moving fast enough to cause a major impact event on the planet.

Tenth in the search query list was sanitiser. Kenyans wanted information on making hand sanitizers following a shortage of the product in shops and supermarkets and subsequent price increases.

Kenyans also searched for ‘How to’

How to prevent coronavirus

How to file KRA returns

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