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Kenyans spar over Uhuru’s new advisor Tony Blair

Kenyans were split down the middle over a story appearing in a British newspaper over president Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to enlist former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as an adviser.

Most supporters of Mr Kenyatta took issue with what they termed as a “condescending” tone of the article, which appeared in The Telegraph on Saturday, where it referred to the Head of State as “controversial”.

Isaac Waithaka wondered: “So The Telegraph, how is Kenya’s president controversial?”

Jeff Mwazzak weighed in: “@Telegraph we don’t exactly feel like Uhuru Kenyatta needs Tony Blair’s “advice” to lead Kenya.”

Others were also uncomfortable that the article made reference to the president’s crimes against humanity case at the International Criminal Court.


Clay Ngambwa tweeted: “Strange how the in international media focuses on ICC on a story that is unrelated. They need to move on. Charges were dropped.”

However, there were those who felt that the article was spot on.

“Somebody, please point out anything that is not factual in that piece. Spot on @Telegraph!” added David Munene.

Some Kenyans also took issue with Mr Kenyatta’s move to engage an European although he has of late reawakened Pan Africanism with calls for “African solutions to African problems”.

Ory Okolloh Mwangi said: “So much for #Africansolutions.”

“@mmnjug: Since we lack competent Kenyans, Tony Blair to “advise” @UKenyatta Oh we,” added @mmnjung.