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Kenyans rated most generous people in Africa

Kenyans have been rated the most generous people in Africa, according to a study by an international charity group.

The Charities Aid Foundation, according to the World Giving Index 2014 conducted by international research firm Gallup in November, revealed that Kenyans with a score of 49 per cent, also ranks 15th globally in courtesy and generosity terms.

Nigeria is the second most generous country on the continent with a 44 percent score according to the poll, with Uganda settling for third among the 24 African nations sampled by the research group.

This is some rare good news for Kenya and Nigeria, especially coming days after being ranked as Africa’s worst hit nations by terrorist groups Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram, respectively.


Tanzania, DR Congo Tunisia and Egypt rank among the meanest countries in Africa, the study group further indicates.

Respondents in the surveyed countries were asked whether they had donated money, volunteered in an organisation or helped a stranger who needed help in the previous month.

This was used as the basis on which the survey established a rounded measure of a country;s giving behaviour.

Little known Mynammar tops the world list of generous nations, closely followed by the U.S.A and Canada.

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