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Kenyans protest ‘socks’ condom TV advert

Kenyans are up in arms over a television advert for condoms that features different ways of wearing ‘socks’.

A section of Kenyans online lashed at Population Services Kenya, the sponsors of the advertisement, for the ill-timing of the advert that runs during prime time when families are watching television.

The protests have caught the attention of moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua who said the Kenya Film and Classification Board will prosecute broadcasters airing the unclassified advert.

Kenyans who complained about the advert faulted its production for using ordinary socks to advertise condoms.


Kariuki Warui wrote; “Its really infuriating I heard my 9yr old daughter tell me to let her see it as I tried to change channels! Then came the difficult part ‘Baba ni nini wanaonyesha ati ni kama kuvaa soksi?’”

Mpole Shanny commented; “My niece asked me, uncle socks pia huitwa condoms. I could not answer. The advert should not be aired. Embarrassing.”

Berita Mwania added; “Finally someone has spoken about it…. Thought was the only one… May be informative passe but younger children are exposed to this content which is wrong especially when my three year old repeats the wordings and tries to memorise.”

Philip Waweru Mbugua stated; “I’ve seen the teens in my house giggling and repeating the “pinch roll” stuff. Finally my daughter (14 years) asked “Dad, do condoms prevent Gonorrhoea? “. Perhaps this was OK as a sexuality discussion trigger with teens as we went on to discuss something about STIs. However, younger children are exposed to this content. …this is what is wrong. My opinion is that this advert is appropriate for teens.”


Kenya Film and Classification Board chief executive Dr Mutua, in his statement, said the advert had not been submitted to the board for classification and thus airing it was in contravention of the law.

“Following complaints and concerns raised by a cross section of Kenyans regarding the “socks” condom advert airing in most TV stations during prime time, the board today launched investigations on the matter and has established that the advert was not submitted for examination and classification in line with the requirements of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222.

“The airing of the advert is therefore in contravention of the law and the producers, distributors and broadcasters will be held liable for the breach. The Board has given instructions to its lawyers to proceed and prosecute the concerned institutions for the breach,” read his statement.