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Kenyans on Twitter go ham on @ItsMutai for pro-government tweets

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) savagely attacked blogger Abraham Mutai for late on Friday after he appeared to have cozied up to the government, days after he was released from police cells.

The blogger, who goes by the Twitter handle @itsmutai, was attacked for posting pictures from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where President Uhuru Kenyatta is leading a government delegation for the African Union summit.

Twitter users felt slighted by the blogger whom they accused of being a turncoat and expressed their sentiments through the hashtag #takemutaibacktojail.

A fortnight ago, KOT used the hashtag #FreeMutai to pressurize the State to release the blogger who had been arrested in Mombasa and was later transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nairobi before being released on a free personal bond.

Prior to his arrest, Mutai had tweeted information about corruption in Mandera and Garissa counties as well as poaching where he linked members of the first family.


Although it’s not clear who bankrolled his trip to Addis Ababa, in the last two days he has been posting pictures and tweets that imply he is now in the government’s good books.

“Currently having lunch with African heads of state #AUsummit,” tweeted Mutai, complete with his photo.

“AU has great and perhaps well researched programmes that only need funding and their implementation will transform the continent #AUsummit,” he added.

He also tweeted a photo showing his view from the Zola International Hotel in Ethiopia where he is staying.

Kenyan Bensouda ‏(@MagetoElijah1) tweeted: “#takeMutaiBackToJail We fought for a traitor. Now he is showing us that our energy was a job opportunity #Shame.”

@Robah_ said: “Mutai was neutralized. Money is power.  #takeMutaiBackToJail”

Nonnie Waruguru (‏@This_is_Nonnie_) said: “#TakeMutaiBackToJail complaining too much doesn’t help. Ashikwe tena tu.”