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Kenyans have ‘discovered’ something strange about this Uhuru silk shirt

Kenyans on Twitter have reacted hilariously to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s propensity to wear his famous silk shirts whenever he is about to do “poor people stuff”.

Netizens pointed out the “coincidence” in the “fact” that each time the Head of State was pictured spending time with the ordinary wananchi, he usually dons the trademark silk shirt.

Mr Kenyatta has in the past made headlines for his red flowed silk shirt that he has been seen wearing during different state functions.

In most of the occasions, he ends up mingling with wananchi after the official engagement.

He wore one when during the last mile connectivity launch in Kiambu after which he met with this woman.

uhuru shirt

The latest was on Monday when he showed up in a black polka dotted silk shirt while savouring nyama choma at a eatery at the Nairobi’s Kenyatta Market.

He later toured Eastlands parts of Mlango Kubwa, Mathare and Huruma slums.

The debate was started by a Twitter user @erastus, who tweeted:

The reaction was fast and furious:

uhuru shirt tweets Capture 4 Capture 3 Capture 1 Capture

To be fair though, President Kenyatta has worn the shirt to “non-poor people stuff” events and meetings.

First, during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister’s advisor Katsuyuki Kawai.

And also when he inspected the SGR Project in Sultan Hamud.