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Here’s what Kenyans have to say about shocking ‘air supply’ worth Sh59m in fresh NYS scam

Kenyans have reacted with outrage to the shocking news of how one businesswoman was paid a staggering Sh59 million for ‘supplying nothing’ to the National Youth Service (NYS).

Detectives have unmasked a certain Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita as the woman in the center of the fresh scandal in which NYS reportedly lost Sh9 million.

The irony is that while Ms Ngirita, 30, has admitted to being paid a whopping Sh59 million, she is however clueless on where the goods were sourced, their cost and if they were delivered, although she personally filled invoices.

Ms Ngirita has reminded Kenyans of the NYS scandal of 2016 in which a certain hairdresser by the name Josephine Kabura confessed to lugging sacks of NYS cash.

In total NYS reportedly lost Sh1.6 billion in that first scandal which ultimately cost Anne Waiguru her job as the Devolution Cabinet Secretary. Waiguru is now the Kirinyaga Governor.

On social media, Kenyans expressed diverse views on the latest NYS scandal with many of them faulting the government for the massive corruption in the country.


“The best option for them is to legalize it, let it be a legal, let corruption be legal because the past records fully indicate no one is in jail, then this one will also end up having no one in jail,” said Glenn Arlen Lumiti.

“Where is Kabura? If she is still free enjoying her loot no need to expose others, corruption should be just declared legal as long as the 11th commandment is applicable just like the other 10 commandments,” Van Frank wrote.

“Without her air, the entire NYS would have suffocated long time ago. Just have a glimpse at her ‘air style’. Pesa otas,” Eric Otieno Owuor joked while a disgruntled George Jackson Katue said, “Why waste time with this innocent lady!! Is she doing something new?? Whoever was giving her the money, why aren’t they mentioned here??? Give us a break.”


Meet young businesswoman who ‘sold air’ for Sh59m in latest NYS scandal

“Round 1 of the NYS heist played itself out in the public glare as Kenyans were treated to the Waiguru & Kabura circus. The same Kenyans happily queued not once but twice to vote the same looters and government back… nobody should react in surprise now that Round 2 is here. Actually let them steal everything plus the oxygen Kenyans breathe if possible,” Roy Ombija commented.

“At least she spoke truth, she requested to supply commodities to NYS, she was pumped with cash and vouchers were filled up. She should return the money and be set free. The officer who wired money to her account is our main actor behind the scenes and DCI should concentrate on him/her,” Matigari Ma Njirungi said.

“When an opportunity comes make good use of it, otherwise you will die poor! Even God will understand and forgive her coz had she wasted the chance angejilaumu mwenyewe!” commented Tema Nyang.

“Nobody in Kenya can be so brazen and con NYS…these are just scapegoats…. The real faces behind this saga and many in Kenya are masked men and women,” opined David Ludogoli.