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Why this Kenyan woman’s video is trending in Africa – VIDEO

A Kenyan woman is trending online across the continent after her epic fall from a plastic chair while watching a movie using virtual reality headsets went viral.

The woman’s nephew, Kama, tweeted a video of how she fell from the chair after heavy panting and trying to evade the scary scenes in the movie.

The woman watched the movie for just a few minutes with her hands holding firmly on the chair to protect herself from falling. But she somehow got swept away by the scenes of the movie and swerved her hands and body to the side, as if trying to escape from a scary scene, resulting in her fall.

Her nephew, who was filming, uploaded the video on Twitter, captioning how he almost killed his aunt.

Kama went on clarify that the woman is okay, unhurt and that only the plastic chair broke.

He explained that his aunt was evading a stone in one of the scenes when she fell.

Kama’s tweet has been shared widely eliciting mixed reactions from Kenyans, Nigerians and South Africans on Twitter.