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Kenyan woman returns home from captivity in Saudi – Video

In a rare case with a happy ending, a single mother of four, who has been stranded in Saudi Arabia for the past two months has finally arrived home.

Catherine Wambui Wanyoike, 36, whose plight was highlighted by Nairobi News in February 2016, arrived in Nairobi on Saturday and has been admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital to undergo treatment.

Her predicament came to light after her family made an emotional appeal to the government to help them bring her back home.

Ms Wambui ran away from where she had been working for 18 months after her employer refused to take her to hospital for medical attention.

Prior to her escape, Ms Wambui had been locked her up in the house for six months after she fell and injured her left knee while taking her employer’s children for a walk.

Catherine Wambui Wanyoike at King Abdul Aziz Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Catherine Wambui Wanyoike at King Abdul Aziz Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


She later found refuge in the house of a Kenyan woman whom she met on the streets. But she could not return to Kenya because her employer had confiscated her passport, money and mobile phone when she arrived.

“We are very happy that she is back home safe and she is undergoing treatment. We are very grateful to Nairobi News and all Kenyans who offered help in our hour of need,” Ms Wambui’s mother said.

Although relieved, her sister, Joyce Wairimu said Ms Wambui is still a long way from full recovery.

“She has to be sedated all the time because she is still in a state of depression and sometimes she doesn’t know where she is,” said Ms Wairimu.

David Wanyoike Warui, a humans rights defender, who has been helping the family since Catherine got sick, said they will follow up on Ms Wambui’s payment and the recovery of her belongings through the agency that took her to Saudi here in Nairobi.