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Kenyan woman murdered in the US by an elderly woman she was hosting

In a sad twist of events, a Kenyan woman and her sister who had just bought a house in Seattle, United States were both shot by an elderly woman whom they were hosting.

Janet ‘Jay’ Oyuga was pronounced dead by law enforcement at the scene following the fatal shooting.


After her heinous act, the assailant hid Janet’s body and lay in wait for the Janet’s sister, Angela, to get home from her late shift.

Angela, unaware of what had transpired, was shot on the back as she was walking up the stairs.

Fortunately, Angela survived and she is recuperating at Harborview Hospital in Seattle.


The two sisters had recently bought the new home on auction.

In their kindness, and out of respect for the previous homeowner (the suspect), they continued hosting because she had nowhere to go to.

But Janet never lived to enjoy her new house after she was attacked by the assailant at the new home.

Kenyans and friends in the diaspora have joined hands to help the family of the deceased in planning her funeral.

“We as a community full of love should assist this family so that we can accord Jay a warm send off,” a post from the Kenyan community in US reads.