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Kenyan woman happy to be back home after being rescued from Iraq-bound plane

Shantel Nyaboke, 21, who was saved by a good Samaritan she chanced upon inside a Turkish Airline plane from possible slavery in Iraq arrived safely in Nyamache, Bobasi in Kisii County Monday night.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Nyaboke recounted how she was saved by a Kenyan who she described as a church elder in Nairobi Central SDA church.

She said that an agent had told her that she was going to work in Qatar as a domestic worker and she only learnt that she was headed to the war-torn Iraq when she engaged with the stranger.


“I did not know that I was heading to Iraq. I have been hearing about Iraq in the news and I never imagined that I would end up there,” she told Nairobi News.

The stranger, who Ms Nyaboke now describes as her saviour, looked at her travelling documents and was shocked to realize that she was headed to Iraq.

The stranger, who was heading to USA via Istanbul, Turkey, handed her over to the Turkish Airline management who promised to get her a ticket back home.


According to man, the contract handed to Nyaboke did not state her salary, expected working hours and it was also not indicated whether she would be entitled to any off days.

It’s at that point that the man informed her that she had been duped into a bad deal and advised her to return home.

“He really assisted me and only God can reward him. I don’t know what would have happened to me,” she said.

Nyaboke is now appealing to well-wishers to help her get a job.