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Kenyan truck driver tests positive for coronavirus in Kampala

A Kenyan is among two truck drivers who have tested positive for coronavirus in Uganda, the Ugandan government has confirmed.

As per the country’s Ministry of Health (MOH), the other patient is a Ugandan who also frequently plies the Mombasa-Kampala route and arrived in the country on Monday.

“A male Kenyan truck driver, aged 27 was found positive among 372 truck drivers tested yesterday (Tuesday). His sample was collected at Malaba (town) point of entry. Arrangements are being made to return him to Kenya for treatment close to his family,” the Ugandan Ministry of Health said.

“The other case is a 38-year-old, Ugandan male, truck driver of Tororo District who arrived from Kenya on Monday. He was tested at Malaba border point of entry. He did not have signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19,” the statement further reads.

These two samples which tested positive were part of the 625 samples tested on Tuesday. 372 of these samples were from truck drivers at the border points of entry.

The two cases have increased the positive coronavirus tally in the country to 55.

Uganda has stopped all public and private transport in the country for the past two weeks in a bid to curb the spread of this pandemic.

Cargo and food transporters have however been allowed to operate as these are listed among the essential needs.

Uganda admits about 500 trucks carrying oil and other commodities from Kenya, and especially Malaba every day.