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Kenyan teen jailed in Sweden for beating man, raping his friend

A Kenyan teen has been sentenced in Stockholm, Sweden,  for the near fatal beating of a man and rape of a woman.

Fayed Mwangi and his Liberian co-accused Richelieu Jarara were sentenced last week by a Solna District Court to two years and a half and three years respectively for the crimes.

The Swedish government intends to deport Mwangi after he serves his sentence.

According to local reports and court documents, three female teenagers and their male friend had gathered for a party in an apartment in Kista, near Stockholm.

One of the girls invited Jarara, 21, whom she knew. He showed up at the party bringing Mwangi with him.


Moments later, the two immigrants began sexually harassing the girls. After the two spoke in hushed tones, they sprayed the girl who invited Jarara in the face with pepper spray.

The paper reports that they then started beating the man who had accompanied the teenage girls. They kicked the man with brutal force leaving him with “several cerebral hemorrhages”.

The male victim is said to have also suffered severe swelling and had bruises all over his body, as well as bone fractures and open wounds.

Jarara uploaded a video of the near death victim on Snapchat joking that they “killed a guy.”

The victim was still alive but unconscious. The beating left him with a permanent brain damage.


Mwangi, 19, is reported to have attacked one of the girls and strangling her as she tried to intervene. He slammed her into a wall before throwing her to the floor.

He then grabbed one of the other girls by the hair before dragging her into one of the bedrooms and raping her. When she attempted to scream, Mwangi strangled her and threatened to strike her.

Luckily for the girls, a neighbor heard the ensuing commotion and came bursting in allowing the girls to escape the apartment.

Mwangi’s sentence was viewed as surprisingly light as he had reportedly raped another woman in May 2016. He will be deported from the country though he is allowed to re-enter after ten years.

Jarara will not be deported though he has a history of criminal activities including theft, serious bodily injury, and resisting arrest.