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How Kenyan singer was kicked out of TV station for her ‘skimpy dressing’

A Kenyan singer, who is based in London, was on Friday humiliated and kicked out of a local TV station for wearing a skimpy dress.

Jane Ikasi alias Mistony claims she was told by security officers at the TV station that her black biker was too short and too tight for her to be allowed to appear on air.

The singer, who is on an East African tour to promote her latest song Nyaga Nyaga, was accompanied by Grandpa CEO Refigah.

She says she was asked to cover up herself with a leso if she wanted to do the interview or else leave. She chose to leave with her crew.


The Dizzy Love hit maker, narrated the incident on Saturday during a radio interview, where she appeared dressed in the same attire she had been turned away with by the TV station.

“It felt extremely awful to be turned away by that TV station, yet other media houses received me well in those clothes. I respect my body. So, I wouldn’t expose it with an ulterior motive. I was well dressed, and I think it is time we start embracing modern culture. Above all, I am an artiste; and media houses should know better. I felt humiliated,” Mistony told Hot 96 FM.

The Afro-pop musician has termed the incident as awful and humiliating.

On his part, Grandpa CEO Refigah wondered why the station had introduced a dress code.

“There was a time we were at the TV station for an interview, and they did not mention anything to do with attire. So, why introduce a dress-code now?” poses Refigah.