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Kenyan bullied out of Twitter for poor grammar

A Kenyan living in the United Kingdom was bullied out of Twitter for attempting to hit back at a user who corrected her poor grammar.

The user, who goes by the name Zawadi, tweeted about the English Premier League in which she mistook “loose” for “lose” in reference to the team’s defeat.

Another user, Baba Eve, pointed out the mistake but Zawadi retorted, “you can’t correct me from Kenya n***… I’m in England… home for English…sit in your lane!”

The Monday exchange quickly became a topic on Twitter and in hours “home for English” became a top trend in Kenya.

Zawadi at first blocked the user who corrected her poor grammar which only prompted others to join in.

She eventually had to quit the social media platform as Kenyans on Twitter ridiculed her.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions to the exchange: