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Kenya Red Cross lashes at Sonko Rescue Team over use of emblem

The Kenya Red Cross on Tuesday lashed at Sonko Rescue Team for using the red emblem without legal authorization.

In a tweet sent out to the rescue team, KRC stated, “@SonkoRescueTeam Red Cross Crescent emblem is legally protected. It is illegal for an unauthorised entity to use it.”

The rescue team that is sponsored by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has ambulances and hearses that bear the red emblem.

The team offers ambulance and funeral services, including firefighting and limousines transport services for weddings for free.

Kenya Red Cross further sent out a Youtube link to an infomercial video clarifying on the authorized users of the red emblem.

The video listed The International Committee of Red Cross, The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Societies, medical units and military chaplains of the armed forces and the Kenya Red Cross as the only organisations allowed to use the red emblem locally.