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Kenya connects live to Wuhan, picks lessons in taming coronavirus – VIDEO

Kenyan medical teams on Sunday held a live video conference with doctors and other medical officials in Wuhan, China to pick lessons from the oriental country on the best way to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video conference, enabled by Huawei, the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe and local health officials shared experiences with their Chinese counterparts, mainly doctors in the frontline in combating the new virus.

Kagwe on Sunday launched an MRI machine that will connect live to Wuhan for timely demonstrations and it will be based at the new state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging Centre at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The Kenyan medical team included more than 10 officials and experts and they intend to learn the Chinese experience in fighting the Covid-19 and also discuss the best approaches for prevention and control of the disease.

China is seen as the best global example on managing the fast spreading novel coronavirus, having reduced its infections to almost zero through stringent measures, thanks to the discipline and rule of law instilled in the country.

From constructing a massive hospital in just a week to a strict lockdown in Wuhan, where the first case was reported before it spread to other cities, China is now reporting a major decline in positive cases with no more fatalities.

In Africa, more than 20 countries have been affected by the virus, with Kenya confirming seven positive cases as at March 18–all traced to passengers who travelled from the US and the UK.

“For the first time, via a video conferencing capacity, our doctors were able to carry out a conference with Chinese doctors, the ones who have been handling the disease in Wuhan, we were able to talk on a one to one not only with the Kenya doctors but also with about 20 countries. We were in a video conference all of us with 20 African countries,” the Health CS said.

He further added, “This is an extremely important step in terms of knowledge share and it gave us a tremendous amount of knowledge which we believe will also go a long way to assisting our people.”