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Karen Nyamu hits out at Samidoh for not protecting her

Politician Karen Nyamu has now asked her baby daddy Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh to protect her from social media trolls.

The outspoken Nyamu also took issue with people accusing her of interfering with the musician’s marriage but not doing the same to him.

“They know we are together and addressing me instead of the attacker in my DM is confusing!” she wrote.

“You have made their day! I’m tired of standing up for myself against these trolls and the person who should stand up for me is the one fuelling it. Sometimes I wish I was the man LOL,” she added.

Additionally, she asked ‘him’ to address people who had written about her travelling with him.

“You should even take this opportunity to tell these people to keep off your family issues because travelling with me should not be a story.”

Karen claims that she had to speak her peace before she was harshly judged, “I’m embarrassed to do this but I know if I don’t the narrative will remain that I’m crazy and forcing things lol!”

The two lovebirds have had their fair share of drama in the recent past something that has brought together their fans and kept them on their toes.

They both flew out via Business class on an Emirates airline flight to Dubai.

Samidoh is expected to be in USA for his two-month music tour. However, it is not clear whether Nyamu will accompany Samidoh.