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Kambua reveals her struggle with acute skin condition to date

Gospel singer Kambua has revealed her struggle with bad acne that started during her teenage years and has persisted to date.

Kambua acknowledged that masking her acne has been vital for her ‘maintain’ her look for television.

In an emotional Instagram post, the Citizen TV’s Kubamba show host narrated how acne led to lose of her self-esteem.

Ms Kambua told her fans that up to this date she has never had problem free skin and never wakes up looking all flawless as she has to maintain a skin care regimen and use the right products.

“I had always known beautiful, flawless skin until I hit 16! What? Pimples. One, then two, three, then ten! Like overnight they kept springing up. I was so confused. And so were the people around me. The “wajuaji” told me to stop taking margarine, stop eating chocolate, stop using “that” cream…the list was daunting, and endless?.

“My mom worried because my self-esteem quickly took a nose dive. She created home remedies that worked for the most part but didn’t solve the problem because the root cause could not be topically fixed. I was an adolescent. My hormones were in FULL gear and they did not allow me the discretion I yearned for. My hormones announced to all and sundry that yes, my body was changing,” wrote the singer.

She went on to narrate how much she prepares before stepping out to this day to achieve her daily flawless look.

“I have not known “flawless” skin since. I don’t just “wake up like this”. It takes work! And a glam team sometimes. Lol?. But I have also come into my own, by loving who I am, pimples or not. Given that I take care of myself (eating well, taking lots of water, and using the right skincare regime). I wish that as a 17, 18, year old someone told me that the acne flare up was not my fault- it was not the chocolate etc, it was just #hormones. I wish I knew then that a good dermatologist could bring my acne under control. I wish I knew that there’s so much more to what being a girl is than what she looks like,” wrote Kambua.

Her post elicited mixed reactions with users sharing their fair share of acne struggles.