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Kajiado, the perfect family getaway

Just a few kilometres from the CBD, you will be ushered into the lush Kajiado county.

You can enjoy the Maasai culture as you take a view of Kilimanjaro  and the elephants.

The main attraction,  Kilimanjaro, showcases the glistening snowcap.

On a clear morning as you drive towards Namanga from Kitengela, you will be greeted with the view if you are lucky.

Wild animals

The expansive Amboseli National Park also is within the area and from Kajiado, you will see a lot of wild animals through the plains that open up to extensive stands of yellow-barked acacia woodland.

If you are interested in accessing the place, you can enjoy the services of small-tented lodges just outside the park and several campsites, with permission from the chief warden.

The average charges are Sh3,000 for a night in the campsites.

There is a variety of wild animals, from lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, elands, white-bearded Gnus, waterbucks, Thompson’s gazelles, impala and buffalo. You will be spoilt for choice.

Cultural tours

The Isinya, Kajiado and Namanga stretch is also a birds’ habitat.

For bird lovers, the shrubs will have what you have always been looking for.

Some of the species include the squacco, heron, vulture, Taita falcon, southern branded harrier eagle, yellow weaver bird, Taveta Golden Weaver among others.

Apart from bird watching, you can also enjoy in cultural tours, walking safaris, hiking, camping, picnic and interpretative trails with the Maasai while visiting their homesteads.

The Maasai are warm and inviting and will share with you tales about animals and how they have managed to co-exist with them for eons.

They will also amaze you with their wealth of knowledge on animal’s behaviour, habitat and their folktales.