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Kadenge discharged from hospital, but is still unable to walk

Kenyan football legend Joe Kadenge has been discharged from hospital after two months of continuous treatment.

His brother John Anzrah has confirmed that Kadenge is now in a stable condition having suffered a stroke in February which was attributed to the death of his daughter Evelyn in the USA.

“He (Kadenge) is resting at home. Doctors saw it better to discharge him on Saturday because his condition has improved,” Anzrah told the People Daily.

There have also been claims that Kadenge’s family struggled to raise the accumulated hospital bills, but Anzrah dismissed those claims.


“He could not have been released had the bills not been cleared,” Anzrah said.

Kadenge, 83, is however reportedly unable to walk even though he can recognize those around him.

Kadenge has been unwell for some time, prompting visits from friends and well-wishers, including President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Kadenge is considered the most skillful footballer to have ever played for Kenya.

He featured for the national team as well as for Maragoli United and AFC Leopards as an attacking midfielder.