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Jubilee supporter’s mourn to Uhuru on corruption gets Facebook talking

A Jubilee supporter who took to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Facebook page to lament on rampant corruption in government has gone viral.

Mercy Kamau wrote to President Kenyatta to urge him to do something about the looting spree in his government, saying she is suffering alongside other Kenyans.

She wrote; “‎Mr..President. There is a reason I ignored my pneumonia.and knelt in the queue in pain to vote. What we are experiencing now is not what we bargained for. Take your stand. It does.not matter who they are. You are the Head of State. I and many others will sleep hungry tonight because I cannot afford unga. I am very very VERY angry.”

Her angry post was shared by hundreds and received over 1,000 comments from Kenyans who vilified her for voting along tribal lines.

Allan Kimuyu replied; “You elected him based on tribalism but not development why cry now. Just prepare for hard times isn’t yet over until you vote a leader based on ideologies.”

Generali Kimanzi wrote; “Eat your own ???? is it the first time corruption is happening under Uhuru Kenyatta? Wacheni kutusumbua, there are four more years of looting to go isn’t looting the new normal?? Kula ujeuri yako! You sleep with the ? and complain about lice?”


Linah Klein added; “Hahaha. Si mlisema tano tena? Others wanted change. Time to feel it! Woi na bado!”

Twoli Vincent commented; “Stop wasting your time and emotions on FB. You voted for this government so you voted for corruption. Just eat your humble pie.”

Salimah Njogu Nyachiro stated; “Uhuru said on national television that there is nothing he could do about corruption but watu wakasema bado Wana taka tano Tena….. Ndio hayo matunda!”

Wairimu Mahinge wondered; “Mercy, weren’t you singing hatutaki mkate nusu na drama kwa kicc? Ebu you guys complete the journey in peace. Msitusumbue please.”

Karambu Wa Mwindu wrote; “Kumira kumira. Thuraku! Can you just STFU. We NASARITES are doing just fine. Ukizidiwa sana kunywa maji ya kanjo ulale.”

Anko Muruli Muhande commented; “Wallahi this is funny, with your pneumonia you never noticed the doctors were on strike?”

Monie Nyakio Wanjau added; “Si muliniita traitor sijui mundu wa ruguru nini imechange? si webe ni ure ure.”


Lynne Ogutu commented; “Wembe ni ile ile , kusema na kutenda, …..tano tena?????”

Ellie Mwangi stated; “As for me and my house, queuing long lines and for many hours will NEVER be our portion. I would rather be a bad citizen by refusing to vote than being a frustrated good citizen because I voted.”

Churchil Akello wondered; “Si mkule zile t-shirts za red mlimwagiwa kama unga?”

Starnley Dot Kinywah wrote; “Choices have consequences. Jana ilikuwa, ‘Kumira Kumira,’ Leo ni, ‘Kulia Kulia,’ laiti ningalijua na chanda kili kinywani!! Bure kabisa.”

Jacinta Mwikali commented; “Mutua You deserve the leaders you elected…….vumilia….2022 you will be wiser.”