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Jubilee MCAs miss sessions and blame ‘meagre’ pay

The Jubilee side in the County Assembly has been accused of not being serious in its way of conducting House business.

Jubilee MCAs were accused of skipping sittings all too often. Majority Whip David Mberia raised the matter on the floor of the assembly.

“Look at the empty seats. Some just sign in and then leave immediately,” said Mr Mberia.

Speaker Alex Ole Magelo admitted that the problem was rampant and promised to introduce reforms.

“I will work out a new way of doing things. Members will be signing the forms as they leave the chambers, not when they are coming in. Taxpayers should get value for their money,” said Mr Magelo.

At the time of the complaint, the Cord side had 30 members while only 10 members from Jubilee coalition were present.

However, Jubilee MCAs at the Assembly, led by Minority Leader Abdi Hassan Guyo (Spring Valley/ Matopeni) defended the absence saying most had genuine reasons.

“Sometimes you find members are committed elsewhere. It should be noted that no key motion has ever been moved or passed in our absence,” said Mr Guyo.

Mr Guyo and Jubilee Chief Whip Hashim Kamau (California), said the pay the County Reps were getting was not enough, forcing them to look for extra money elsewhere.

“The salary is not enough and members have to find ways of topping their incomes. We are always there during important legislative sessions,” said Mr Kamau.