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Joy for Nairobi top performers in KCPE exams

Tracy Okwach

Tracy Okwach, 14, scored 441 marks. After emerging the top student in her school, Newlight Academy in Kayole, Nairobi, she said it was the first time she had ever been top in her class.

Tracy attributes her performance to hard work, prayer and the support of her mother Judith Okwach.

She said she wants to join Kenya High School and become a civil engineer.

“The roads in Kenya are in serious need of repair. But it is obvious these repairs don’t solve the problem. What we need is good design and construction.”


Kevin Teveen

Kevin Teveen, 13, scored 439 marks and was the second best performing student in his school, Newlight Academy in Kayole.

He said he received the result with a mixture of joy and a slight disappointment as he had a track record of being at the top in his school.

Kevin wants to join Alliance High School and eventually become a neuro-surgeon.

“There are very few neuro-surgeons in Kenya, and this is one of the reasons I want to become one. I want to fill this gap.”


Keith Ndung’u Waithaka

Keith, 14, scored 438 marks at Sukari Presbyterian Primary School in Kahawa Sukari, Nairobi.

He attributes his success to God and hard work, saying it took a lot of sacrifice to perform exceptionally well.

He hopes to attend Alliance High School and pursue a career in mechanical engineering.

“I expected to perform well because I prayed a lot and worked hard. I was sure God would listen to our prayers,”