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Jetlagged 2 Chainz disappoints journalists

American hip hop artist 2 Chainz, who is in the country for Jamhuri Day Jameson Live Party, left journalists puzzled after he kept them waiting for more than three hours and fielded questions for just 10 minutes.

The rapper was scheduled to have a press briefing on Friday at noon ahead of his much-anticipated show later on Friday night at the Ngong Race Course. He showed up at 3:30 pm and fielded questions for just 10 minutes.

His manager David Leakes told journalists that the musician was asleep after a 15-hour flight. He added that the rapper was trying to adjust to the different time zone.

His manager kept apologizing on behalf of the star and tried to lessen the journalists growing anxiety, assuring them that he would soon be up.

Leakes’ attempts to act as a buffer, however, did not pay off as some journalists got impatient and left. Leakes, who was also seemed visibly tired and rocking a wrinkled t-shirt, once more tried to calm down the remaining journalists, even offering to answer any questions.

Quite peeved, some of the reporters chose to reserve their questions for 2 Chainz while some enquired whether he had been to any other African countries.


Finally at around 3:30pm, a grim-faced 2 Chainz walked in with his entourage. Although he claimed to be a humble character (outside of music) during the interview, his attitude towards the photographers was to the  contrary.

At one point, he asked the photographers to stop taking pictures because the camera flashes were unbearable. The journalists and photographers at first assumed he was making fun until he threatened to take one of the photographer’s camera and asked him to sit next to him to get his perspective first hand.

When asked how much he charges for collaborations, he declined to answer and asked for “any real good questions”.

Although he tried to keep it light and funny, he still came off as short and rude when he refused to comment on his beef with Funkmaster Flex, also an American hip hop DJ, rapper, musician.

Throughout the press briefing that lasted just 10 minutes, 2 Chainz appeared moody and kept his head down as he answered questions.