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Janet Mbugua: Quitting my plum TV job was the best decision of my life

Former TV news anchor Janet Mbugua says quitting TV was one of the best decisions she ever made in her life.

To many, the revelation would be such a surprising confession, but the mother of two boys notes she had it all figured out before she took the bold move to leave such a plum job.


The 34-year-old resigned from her job at Citizen TV back in April 2017 after a 10-year career as a broadcast journalist and has never looked back.

In a recent interview with Chat Spot, Janet recounted the reasons that informed her decision to quit TV at her prime.

“I had done it for 10 years. It was 10 years non-stop of working. Starting in Nairobi, going to South Africa coming back to Nairobi, starting a family, getting into brand endorsements,” she recalled.

But her main reason of leaving her job was burn out and being a young mother at the time.

“I was burnt out, I had a really young child at the time and there was an election coming up and I had an election burn out and I felt that this was the good time to step back,” she said.


Besides, Janet says, she wanted to explore more with her Inua Dada Foundation that focuses mainly on menstrual equity, something she says she is so passionate about.

Janet further revealed that before resigning, she saved enough money to sustain her for about a year, a time frame that would be ideal to have her all figured out on her next move.

“I took six months before my final show, so I had saved enough money, I had made enough networks to do other works. I just didn’t wake up and resign. You can’t really afford to do that literally.

“So I said let me put aside some money and so when I did, I had a plan for at least one year and then thank God I got some job that I am still doing. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made,” she said.