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It’s hard being a celebrity

The life of a celebrity is not all glitz and glamour as most of us believe. Celebrities have a tough, public-controlled life.

We ordinary mortals are free to live our lives and make mistakes, but celebs dare not live so freely. Freedoms and the sky will fall fast on them.

Do you remember  when Size 8, above, got saved? I’d like to imagine that anyone can get saved, but things were blown out of proportion because it was the red head.

Celebrities are unpardonable, kicked in the face each day by writers, fans and worst of all, by their haters.

The most difficult but fascinating aspect of their lifestyle is changing almost everything;  from the way they dress, talk, walk, places they visit, eat and drink.

For those with difficult names that fans do not like, they will be changed to something they can all be comfortable pronouncing. Who can remember that Jaguar’s real name is Charles Kanye or Prezzo actually has a more decent name like Jackson.

And what of the scandals?

“Can we do the interview where I live because whenever I come to town there is always a scandal following me on my back,” said Willy Paul when I asked him for an interview.