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It’s back to business after Christmas break

Business is almost back to normal in the city as most residents are going about their activities after the Christmas break.

A spot check by Nairobi News along Kenyatta and Moi Avenues and Tom Mboya Street revealed most shops, banks and other retail businesses are operating normally.

The residents are also up and about as they continue to engage in various activities with some reporting to their respective offices for duty.

“Christmas was good, but you know work has to go on that is why we are back,” said a city resident who described himself as a businessman.

Government offices including the Immigration department at Nyayo house have also not been left behind as they continue to offer service to Nairobians normally.

“Business is back to normal, people cannot celebrate forever,” said an Mpesa operator along Moi Avenue.

There was also activity along upcountry booking services as most people who were working in the city over the Christmas break are busy booking for buses home.

The ban on night travel for public service vehicles without licenses has affected many city travelers some who wanted to travel overnight on the eve of New Year celebrations.

Although the business is back to almost normal, there is less traffic on major city highways especially Jogoo and Mombasa Roads.