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It is true, he hears what he wants

When a man says he did not hear you say something, apparently you should believe him.

This is because new research has shown that people hear only what they want to hear.

Researchers from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in the UK have found that selective hearing does exist and no, it doesn’t only affect men – it exists in women as well.

Still, they confirmed that it is particularly higher in males than females.

They came to these findings after compiling pairs of words thought to be more socially relevant to men (like beer and football), and to women (like shopping and chocolate).

They put these words in a single list and read them out to the subjects. Then the subjects, all of whom had excellent hearing abilities, were made to listen in on a conversation and report what they had heard.

On average, the men correctly recalled more male words than female words while the female recalled more female words. Both sexes were able to hear what they wanted to hear and not hear the parts that they didn’t want to.

Explaining this, John Phillips, a consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon observed that it is not a physiological condition as individuals physically hear the words but their minds choose not to acknowledge what is being said.

It has to do with the way the mind prioritises things. Apparently, the brain is designed to break down all that is being said and then to decide what it wants to hear, priority being given to subjects considered important.

It is safe to say therefore that if you want to be on the same page as your significant other, make a conscious effort to discuss with him those things you know are important to him. Save the other topics for your same sex friends.