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It is not all books at Kenya High

“It’s not all about concentrating on academics. There is a lot to education than just books,” said senior principal Rosemary Saina while commenting on the performance of Kenya High School.

The school was 10th nationally in the 2013 KCSE exam, whose results were announced by Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi on Monday.

Although the school’s ranking dropped from 2012’s position five nationally, Mrs Saina said it obtained a better grade and that was what mattered.

The school had a mean grade of 76.030 compared to 2012’s 75.907.

“We have a total of 206 students, 55 of whom have scored straight As in the exam. We have 77 A minuses and only one D as the least performer,” said Mrs Saina.

Uphold dignity

“Our programme is just like that of other schools but we do not ignore the other areas of development. We uphold dignity and encourage our students to engage in extra-curriculum activities,” she added.

Besides, she said, there was a cordial relationship between the teachers and the students.

“Students do not fear their teachers, they respect them. That is how they manage to open up to the teachers on areas that need emphasis,” she said.

The school produced the ninth best student nationally — Brenda Biwott. She was also ranked the third best female student nationally. 

“It is a pleasant surprise. I was expecting to be in the top 100 but never thought it would be this pleasant,” said Biwott.