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Is this the end for P-Unit?

It now seems that things are not okay inside one of the most successful Kenyan all-boy group P-Unit.

Rumour has it that the award-winning trio of Frasha, Gabu and Bon’Eye, is set to split up. Sources close to the group indicate that their new album ‘Wagenge Hao Tena’, could be their last project together.

“They rarely talk nowadays and everybody is doing his own projects,” said our source.

Frasha is said to be in the process of launching a his solo career having done collabos with different artistes.

He has even removed the name P-Unit on his social media name and is now referring to himself as ‘IamFrasha’. Frasha is set to release a new song next week.

However, Gabu has rubbished the rumours of a breakup saying that the group is intact.