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Is this Nairobi’s best matatu?

Little known Tela Bang, which plies Kayole route, won the best overall (Kenya I) award in the just concluded Nganya Awards.

The awards, which were meant to showcase the best of the public service vehicle sector in the county, provided a platform for hundreds of fans to drum up support for their best vehicles.

The win was an affirmation of the huge fan base the vehicle has in the route it plies.

“The awards were given according to the number of votes which were cast by the members of the public,” said one of the organisers Michael Sindani from Grip Ventures limited.

The highly decorated vehicle was voted for its comfort, good customer service, and good design and adherence to traffic rules, said Sindani.

“We wanted to change the public perception and especially of the young people about the public service vehicles,” he added.

The owners received a trophy and a certificate.

Public service vehicles have received public condemnation for reckless driving and non-adherence to traffic rules.

Double M services bus operator was voted as the best Central Business District operator.

Public service vehicles were ranked according to good customer service, compliance to traffic rules and regulations, commuter comfort, road safety record, and a positive matatu culture.