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Is this Kenya’s most honest eulogy?

A Kenyan man must be turning in his grave after his relatives penned one of the most honest eulogies of all times.

Usually, an eulogy uses flattery language to pay homage to the departed, often painting even known criminals as saints. But not to these relatives.

A rather unflattering eulogy has been making rounds on social media and did not exactly paint the man at the center of it in the best light.

In the beginning it talks about his life, from where he went to school to the time he got married and how many children he had.



Things get awkward when they write about his employment.

“He worked with the Ministry registration of persons dealing with issuance of National Identification Cards (ID) as a Chief Registrar in Migori. He was later dismissed from the job in 2012 due to some irregularities which led him to jail for two years,” read part of the eulogy.

It concludes by saying, “He used to be a great farmer in his early youth stage. School mates would visit him to see his farms but later he avoided massive crop growing and resorted to short-cut ways of acquiring money.”

The Nairobi News could not independently confirm if this was a genuine eulogy or written for fun. We have therefore decided to conceal his identity and that of his family.

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