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Is it a passing cloud for Kidero?

When it rains it pours… this is precisely what Governor Evans Kidero is experiencing.

Should his appeal buckle he does not have an array of options.

Being an incumbent, what will be his campaign strategy?

Kidero will be going back to the electorate in a period of only slightly over one year to ask them for their votes.

This will be a big gamble as the politics have changed during his one-year stint at the helm.

Feisty relationship

Dr Kidero’s relationship with his orange party (ODM) has not been the best. He has been accused of undermining the party’s leadership by working with outsiders, he has also been accused of sponsoring other candidates to compete with those sponsored by ODM.

Whereas the party says he is their man, it is expected that this stand will change once the Supreme Court makes a decision on the appeal.

Should this happen, he may either run as an independent candidate since to run on a different party ticket, one needs to have relinquished his or her party membership for at least three months to the elections.

He is still a bona fide ODM member and the law states that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission should conduct elections within 60 days.

A number of ODM party members like former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo have already expressed interest in the ticket in an event of election. If the going gets too tough Dr Kidero may choose not to defend his seat.

He is a man who has widely invested and will certainly not lack something worthwhile to do. This will however be a tough decision because like any other politician, he has his staunch supporters who will hear none of this.

Such a decision would mean he is either exiting the political scene permanently or taking a strategic retreat as he waits for the next polls.