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Introducing Cashback: Money back with every purchase you make – VIDEO

A new incentive on how you save money after buying online has been introduced in Kenya with the aiming of helping you save some money.

Known as Cashback discount, it is an affiliate marketing website that promotes goods from merchant websites, directs traffic to the merchant websites and, should a purchase be made, then pays the purchaser some money for using their site.

According to the Director of Brightpath Zenith Limited, Mr Dennis Mwangi, the incentive is based on something called affiliate marketing which is very simple.

“Instead of, or in addition to, a merchant spending money on billboards, radio and TV advertising, which require upfront payments with no guarantee of success, affiliate marketing is based upon payment after a purchaser makes a purchase.”

He further elaborates that there will be no upfront costs to the merchant, no large advertising spending and the merchant only pays the affiliate marketer once the merchant has received the money from the purchaser, thus creating a positive cash flow for the merchant.


Unlike other online marketers, such as bloggers, Yahoo or Google, who promote products and if successful receive payment from the merchants, their company which runs under promotes the same products and if a purchase is made, then the majority of the payment received from the merchant is then passed back to the purchaser.

“It is like a back end discount in the form of money back to the purchaser, hence, cash back discount. If someone buys items online without using the cash back discount, it will be will be like leaving money on the table.”

Mr Mwangi says their committed to return the majority of its affiliate marketing fee to the purchaser, the margin per sale for them is very small.

Their website is the only one operating in Kenya. It is the only affiliate marketing website that gives the purchaser money back for doing what they would do anyway, and, it is the only website that will never request any payment from their members, the purchasers.

Cash back discounts are popular especially with credit cards or supermarket discount cards where you accumulate points. The difference between them and cashback is that cashback actually gives you money back.