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The Internet can’t decide which is the best toasted bread

The latest viral picture has left the internet dumbfounded on just how a perfectly toasted bread looks like.

The picture of 16 toasted slices breads was posted on Facebook last week and has exposed the varying tastes of people across cultures.

The picture was captioned; ‘We’re having a little argument over here. Which number bread is toasted perfectly’?

The post has garnered more than 300,000 likes and comments and still counting, with every comment or like differing from the other.


One Jake Selfe asked; “Where is the perfectly golden toast was all this cooked under a grill lol haha.”

Glen Paxton Mick, simply said; “No no no it’s one an have it dry an cold.”

Penny Daniels was spoilt for choice; “I hovered over 15 but settled on 11.”

Jenne Stoten couldn’t also decide and went with 7 and an 11.

Lauren Maroos decided that all the toasted breads were not perfectly toasted.

Which one do you think was perfectly toasted?