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Inmates charged with serial killer’s murder

Three inmates at Kisumu Main Prison were on Friday charged with the murder of suspected serial killer Harrison Okumu.

Mr Dennis Ombese, Mr Samson Machokha and Mr Douglas Onyancha were jointly charged at the High Court in Kisumu.

However, they will answer to the charge on May 27 after taking a medical examination to determine whether they are suitable to stand trial.

They are accused that on the evening of May 20, they conspired and killed Mr Okumu in his cell.

Mr Okumu was found dead in the evening in what the authorities attributed to strangling and a blow to the head caused by a blunt object.

He was in remand for multiple murder charges as his case continued in court. He was arrested in Mombasa in August 2013 while on the run.


His troubles started when two decomposing bodies of young men were discovered in his home at Rabuor in Kisumu County.

He denied the murder charges and his case was still pending in court at the time of his death.

While in prison, Mr Okumu attempted suicide by trying to set himself ablaze, for which he was  charged.

The prosecution asked that the three go through medical examination before they take plea on May 27.

“We also ask that they are all remanded and secluded in their cells before they take plea,” the prosecution told the court.

Harrison’s father, Joseph Okumu, on Thursday accused the prison authorities of negligence.

“As an inmate, he had a right to protection. I am not going to accept the explanation that the prison authorities are not aware of what happened,” Harrison’s father told journalists at the prisons grounds on Thursday.

This story first appeared on the Daily Nation