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Injera silent as world reacts to his Sh 11million camera lens mistake

Kenya rugby sevens vice-captain Collins Injera has remained mum after reports that he may have ruined a camera lens worth Sh11 million (£60,000) as he celebrated his 200th try on the World Sevens Series by taking out a permanent marker from his sock and signing the ball and the lens.

The sevens superstar had choreographed it all, learning from tennis stars: put a marker pen in his socks and then when that big moment comes – winning the trophy – remove it, sign a few balls and hit them to the crowd.

Injera’s big moment arrived when he managed the 200th try during a match against Japan at the season ending leg of the IRB World Sevens Series in London at the weekend.

But there was a problem, he used a permanent marker and to add salt to injury, instead of signing on a protective cover like tennis stars, he did it on the lens itself!

On Twitter, Injera has been making fun of the development retweeting a few tweets from his supporters who think it should not be a big deal.

Kenya’s Collins Injera signs the match ball after he scored his 200th try in the IRB World Sevens Series during a match against Japan in England

One of the comment he retweeted was by radio present G-Money which read: “Did someone tweet that the 60k GBP camera that Collins Injera signed would now fetch 10 times as much at auction?” Another tweet directed the cameraman to a YouTube video on “how to remove a permanent marker”.

It remains unclear whether the cameramen will send a bill to Injera and if Kenya Rugby Union would be willing to take it up.