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In the neck of time

Necklaces stand out so they can be the best place to start establishing your fashion style.

There are a few points to remember when it comes to the selection, purchase and pairing of your pieces.

For starters, don’t sacrifice your skin. Some people get allergic reactions from certain metals. Such people should find an option that does not provoke that reaction, and work with it.

If you like big, bold and dramatic pieces, pair them with solid colours. Such pieces are lots of fun especially when you are colour-blocking your outfit. For instance, you could team a solid blue blouse with a bold yellow necklace.

In wearing your necklace like this, the piece makes a statement without competing with the pattern on your outfit. Do not pair bold neck-pieces with loud earrings as the effect will simply be too distracting.

Wear a dramatic neck-piece when you wish to draw attention to the top half of your body.

Chokers, as the name implies, are neck-pieces that are worn tightly around the neck.


Chokers shorten the length of the neck so only wear them (if you must) if they have dangling details to lengthen the look of the neck. Avoid them if you have a short, fat neck.

Finally, simple necklaces and pendants that dip slightly past the collar-bone are ideal for outfits that have busy prints on them.

You can even pair two or three different necklaces of varying lengths to create a stylish look. Always keep your necklaces polished and clean as they can help you in recreating your everyday look.

Maintenance need not be a costly affair; just ask how to take care of your pieces when you buy them.