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Are these the IEBC errors that could cost Uhuru a second victory?

A conglomeration of civil society groups that monitored the October 26 repeat presidential election has faulted the electoral agency for committing errors during vote tallying.

Under the Kura Yangu, Sauti Yangu banner, the group cited inconsistencies involving the register, number of valid votes cast and vote addition errors.

The team said IEBC chief Wafula Chebukati had got his math wrong in the final declaration, with the figure for three candidates varying from the calculations they made of the 47 counties that Mr Chebukati read, one by one.

Instead of the 7,483,895 votes declared for President Uhuru Kenyatta, the team added it up to 7,583,895, a 100,000 subtraction, with those of Ekuru Aukot and Mohamed Abduba Dida added by 100 and 10 votes to 21,333, and 14,107, respectively.


“We noted unexplained differences between the biographic and biometric lists of voters, unexplained increases in the register after registration closed, the presence of more than a million dead voters in the final register and serious data gaps in the reference documents used to create the register,” the report by the Kura Yangu, Sauti Yangu group said.

The group also faulted the declaration of results in six constituencies they said had not received all forms 34A – the result declaration form at the polling station.

In his final declaration, Mr Chebukati acknowledged only a difference of 273 votes in the tallies between the polling stations, the constituency and national tallying centres.

“Posting errors were noted in original Form 34B against original Form 34A, thereby giving a variance of 273 votes. It will be noted that the overall total valid votes cast for all candidates was 7,616,217 as opposed to a total of 7,615,944 resulting in the above identified variance,” said Mr Chebukati when he announced the results.

The team also faulted the IEBC voter register, saying that it lacked a definitive number of registered voters.