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I won’t pay back: Keroche heiress speaks on Sh19m loan from city shylock – PHOTOS

Keroche empire heiress Anerlisa Muigai has come out to explain the circumstances that led her to take a  Sh19,911,773 loan from a shylock three years ago and why she does not intend to pay it back.

In lengthy post on social media, Anerlisa gave blow by blow account of how she secured the huge loan from a Nairobi shylock, who the money went to and why she has no plans of paying it back.

She explained that she took the loan in order to help a male boyfriend, one Ben Kangangi, to secure a government tender.

“One morning Ben called me and told me that he needed 20M for a tender he had secured with the government to supply electrical cables. That evening he also submitted original documents which until now i have never understood how he managed to forge the documents, So I told him i could only give him 7M but for the other 13M, he had to borrow from elsewhere,” Anerlisa stated.


Soon after, the friend asked Anerlisa to use her social and business stature to borrow money from a shylock on his behalf.

“So I agreed to meet the friend that Ben was talking about and I was introduced to DENNIS MOMBO MWANGEKA and in less than a week ” MWANANCHI CREDIT ” ( which is Dennis’s company ) had given me the whole amount on September 2015 without any security.”

“After three days Dennis called me and said he needed security of two cars, i brought two cars that Ben Kangangi surrendered but Dennis said he would only be content if I gave him at least one car under my name or my company name and that’s when I gave in my vehicle,” she wrote.

Two weeks later, the shylock started demanding for his money because Anerlisa had promised to return the money within a week. Phone calls to Ben went unanswered.

“A friend also sent me a clip on YouTube of Dennis’s house being raided years back by police over stolen cars. Straight away I saw something was not right and felt that I got into a trap and decided to take this matter to court to try and save my own money too,” she explained.

She claims Ben was later arrested and agreed to take responsibility of the loan plus interest.


“Ben Kangangi was held in Pangani police station till he agreed to sign off the money that I had taken under my name to be under his name and also return my money which he did agree to sign eventually. He was released and also returned my 5M the following day but still remained to pay me 2M. He also surrendered more cars and mine was returned,” she claimed

“After a few months Dennis called me and told me to withdraw the case from court as he was going to sort it out… Truth be told Dennis never called me again since 2015 until the day after my 30th birthday which was January 2018, he started haunting me again. Although Dennis claims to have sent me a demand letter end of 2016 I never received it but I informed my lawyer,” she said.