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I was Nameless before Nameless – Mr Lenny

Musician Lenson Njuki popularly known as Mr Lenny has revealed that his stage name was Nameless before David Mathenge took over the name and popularised it.

Mr Lenny, who was once the king of collabos, said he started his music career with his brother back in the day and they called themselves Nameless at the time.

By that time, according to him, Nameless (Mathenge) had not started his music career but he later won a talent search and recorded his song Megarider which became a mega hit.

“There was a competition and Nameless joined the competition and won. During the interview he was asked his stage name, and he said he was nameless, meaning he did not have a stage name. However, the interviewer thought he said his name was Nameless and the name stuck,” Mr. Lenny said.

The Megarider song made Nameless so popular that Mr. Lenny and his brother had no choice but to drop the name.

“ The winner of the talent search was required to record a song. So he released his song and the song was Megarider. And the song become big and guess what, watu walijua yeye ndio anaitwa Nameless na jina ikastuck hapo.. Jina ilienda hivyo,” Mr. Lenny said while laughing during the interview.

Mr Lenny said he started out as a dancer in a group called Kabaka Twins at Florida 2000 before a friend, who was into rap, introduced him to the music industry where he started out as a rapper before getting into singing and belting tunes into stardom.