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I want to kill myself and children over hubby

Dear Michael,

My husband of 15 years left me for a younger woman. I do menial jobs to support my two children aged 15 and ten. I have thought of poisoning them and myself to end the misery. Kindly help. Christine.

Dear Christine,

Do not kill yourself and the children. You are not alone in this journey of life. It might seem so at this point, but you are not.

Might there be friends or relatives who could come to your rescue, temporarily, at least with the children in one way or the other, as you put your thoughts together?

There are two professionals who would be of great help too: a lawyer and a psychologist.

These two come to mind because on the one hand, a 15-year marriage justifies seeking legal recourse for the support in caring for the children, and on the other hand, a psychologist would help you come to terms with and deal with the emotional and psychological effects of a broken marriage.

If you are averse to a psychologist, then a trusted older person or a community leader would be of help.

Do not resort to suicide, which is a self-centered and illegal act. And besides, if  ‘getting him back’ is what you want, it can only be done while you are on this planet.

You may think you are doing the children a favour by ‘ending their misery’ but what you have suggested is murder.

Why should their lives be cut short because your relationship with their father has ended? In a few years they will be adults, and hopefully, responsible citizens. Don’t despair on raising them up well.